Man of Colour II

Man of Colour II

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A high quality downloadable print by Susie Nawaitodre.

Created 01/09/2020 this is her very latest work, created in mixed media. 

Called Man of Colour II, this work celebrates the love Susie feels for her husband Luke.

Exploring expressive mark making this work embraces pattern, colour and impasto paint application. Paint is applied loosely and free with bright pops of colour against a moody background.

Having experienced many years of heartache and heartbreak and a history littered with episodes of Domestic Violence this a breakout work for Susie, celebrating the very happy chapter she now finds herself in, feeling loved, supported and seen. In return she declares to the world, I see this man in all his beautiful form and colour. 

A work to treasure from an artist starting a new chapter in her creative career.


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