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In order to ensure that all of our staff, students and their families are as safe from COVID-19 as possible, we do kindly ask that students bring their own kit of art supplies to each class session. We are very well aware that the plethora of art supplies out there can be daunting for parents and students, however. Being mindful of this and of time and financial constraints for parents and students, we are thrilled to be able to offer you the option for Lewis Gallery staff to purchase and put together your student kit at a price that is cheaper than if you were to pay retail price for the same supplies. 

As you may know, the quality of art supplies is reflected in their price (i.e. the cheaper the supplies, the more filler and/or inferior ingredients/materials they contain which decreases their quality and performance). As a result, we always recommend that students use the best quality supplies that they can afford.

The supplies that we have included in our student kits are the base level of student-grade art materials that we would expect our students to be using. We can attest to the quality and suitability of these supplies for students as we have used them throughout our art careers and some we still today as professional artists. Supplies are sourced from brands that we know and trust to deliver excellent results for our students. 

Our Masters Add-On Class Kit is designed to complement our Basic Class Kit. It will afford students an extra level of experimentation in their artwork, especially if they are avid painters or enjoy using coloured drawing media. It contains the following supplies: 

  • Chromacryl student acrylic paints in the following colours: warm red, warm yellow, green deep, warm blue, violet, magenta

  • set of 24 Derwent Academy coloured pencils

  • set of 24 soft pastels

You will be contacted via phone or email when your kit is ready for collection from Lewis Gallery (please allow 5-7 working days after your payment is made for your kit to be ready for collection).

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